JIgging for Snook with SlobRob

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Instructor: Slob Rob
Categories: Saltwater , Snook

One of the most effective ways to catch huge snook is with fishing jigs. Not just any jigs, but big gnarly flair hawk jigs. This In The Spread snook fishing video features a cat that goes by the name Slob Rob. Rob fishes from land and hauls in some of the biggest snook you will see. He has perfected his land based fishing techniques for snook and he is here to share with you how to fish a jig for big robalo around bridges. @slobrob opens his play book and takes you through a morning of snook fishing using his custom fishing jigs. He ties his own with precision. If you want to see how he does it, watch here. He is going to make this easy for you to learn. Whether you are on land or in a boat, Rob\'s fishing techniques catch fish. Part of catching big snook is knowing where they like to set up, how to present baits to them and retrieval methods that trigger bites. Watch and learn. There are a lot of waters for snook fishing in Florida. Not all of them will hold huge fish, so you need to know where to spend your time, if you want hogs. This video cuts your learning curve down to the bare minimum. Learn about the jigging rod prefers, the fishing reel he uses, along with the line and leader he spools. Get the tactics, see the jigs and learn how to catch snook.

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If you are fishing in Florida, snook have to be on your radar. Big snook fishing is one of the great game fishing experiences. This dodgy species can be hell to catch. The big ones didn't get that way being dumb. See how to bag fatties. This In The Spread jig fishing for snook video features a cat that has a real knack for catching monsters. His name is Rob Conner, aka Slob Rob, @slobrob. This dude is a fishyAF underground ninja. He is one of those guys that, anytime you ask him, knows the bite, the tides, where they are feeding, when to fish and when not to. He may be a little odd, but he is snook assassin. One of his go to snook lures is a jig. Big flair hawk jigs he ties himself routinely nail big fish. In this video, Rob is going to show you his method for how to fish a jig around bridges. There are some monsters lurking in the coastal waters. One of the most interactive fishing techniques and one the is deadly for monster snook is jig fishing. Jigs are a great way to get lures on the bottom and keep them at depth. Since the bigger snook hold below the group or off the side waiting for food to come to them, the need to get baits in the optimal zone is key. You also have to get past the school. Jig fishing gives you that. The ability to fish more of the water column and keep presentations in the zone makes all the difference. There are so damn many ways to target snook in Florida. When you think about the range of inshore fishing grounds in and around the Florida coast line, you can find these fish everywhere. They are widely distributed and caught off the beaches, inside and outside inlets, in the canals, bays, estuaries, flats, keys, up in rivers and creeks. But, if you want to catch huge fish, you need a little extra knowledge. Really big snook require special tactics. Jig fishing for snook is a lethal way to trigger bites from the hogs. Slob Rob is giving you the play book on how and why he does so well. Snook love structure and they love to be near moving water. When tides surge in and out they push bait and this creates a conveyor belt of food. What big snook do is lay off to the side or underneath the school and just pick off food as it drifts past. They are not going to use a whole lot of energy. Knowing where to put your jig and how to manipulate it is critical. Watch as Rob breaks down his jigging rod and reel, his line and leader and most importantly how he approaches jig fishing around bridges in the early morning hours. Keep in mind, knowing how to fish a jig for snook has nuance. Learn from one of the best and bag some big ass snook. [Snook Fishing Videos](https://inthespread.com/snook-fishing-videos)

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