Snook Fishing Florida Coastal Flats

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Instructor: William Toney

The coastal waters of Homosassa, Florida have become one of the best snook fisheries in the state. Most of the bigger fish are caught in and around the pervasive mangrove keys that line the coast of the north west Gulf coast. Finding them and targeting them with artificial snook lures makes for great fishing. Capt. William Toney knows this coastal fishery as well as any fisherman out there. He will take you to the places that produce fish and explain whey the fish are there and how they feed. You will get a clear understanding of where the snook fish stage year round and what presentations work well. Let him show you how to catch snook using soft DOA jerk baits in brackish waters of the coastal flats and mangrove keys. See how he rigs soft plastics, how to find snook and how he presents baits. Learn why snook stage on a given side of a key based upon wind and water movement. Homosassa snook fishing is defined by the sheer variety of habitat the fish can move in and out of. Huge magnitude order springs dump warm water out into the creeks and rivers year round. This is a snook sanctuary. These fresh water springs feeds the nutrients and bait the help sustain this super healthy fishery. Due to the variety of habitat, snook fishing here allows and angler to develop a variety of fishing skills and presentation techniques. Let Capt. Toney teach you some of his fishing tips and fish smarter.

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The snook fishing around Homosassa, Florida continues to get better every year and there is nobody better to show you to target this game fish with artificial lures than Capt. William Toney. In this In The Spread video, William explains and demonstrates how to target these inshore predators in brackish water, around the flats and keys, as well as the mangrove shorelines that populate the Gulf coast. Capt. Toney holds nothing back in sharing info on artificial lures that work, how to find target rich areas, productive tidal conditions, how to work soft plastics to produce bites and more. One of the primary reasons Homosassa has developed into such dynamic snook fishery is the number of rivers, creeks, keys and mangrove islands that riddle the coast and the first magnitude springs to populate the region. You have fish migrating up and down the rivers with the changes in water temperature to take advantage of the constant warmth provided by the big springs in Crystal River, Homosassa and Chassahowitzka. This helps prevent population kill offs in the winter when the water gets too cold for the fish. Given the variety of options, when it comes to targeting these predator fish, you can either be up in the river fishing brackish water, working the river mouths or hitting the outside keys. In the rivers, you will be looking for more structure and if you are outside, you will be looking for rocky bottoms, good current around points and deep drop offs. In this video, Capt. Toney is focused on using soft plastic artificial lures. Now, where you are fishing will determine how you work your lures. In the rivers you have to be careful of getting snagged if you work you lure up and down, due to the darker water. You may have to use more of a sweeping motion. If you are outside where the water is more clear, you can use a up and down motion to work the lure. We go into great detail on how to work the snook lures, so watch and learn some really useful tactics. The big snook tend to move out of the rivers and stake out areas around the outside keys and mangroves. Based on wind and water movement, the fish will situate themselves on a given side to take advantage of the how the bait fish are moving. William shares all you need to know to about which side of the keys to work, how to set up your drift and when to pin your boat down to bomb an area. As a third generation Florida fishing guide, Capt. Toney possesses a wealth of fishing knowledge and holds nothing back when sharing what he knows about snook fishing lures in the Gulf coast waters around Homosassa and the state of Florida. See what Capt. William Toney has to share, so you can land more fish. [Snook Fishing Videos]( [Fish with Capt. William Toney]( [BUY DVD Here](

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Captain William Toney

Captain William Toney, a Homosassa, Florida native, is a revered fourth-generation fishing guide who blends ancestral wisdom with modern techniques to deliver unparalleled fishing experiences. As the owner and operator of Homosassa Inshore Fishing, his expertise spans a wide variety of fish species such as Red Fish, Sea Trout, Mangrove Snapper and Snook, among others. His customized 23' Tremblay Flats Boat, powered by Mercury Outboards, is a testament to his commitment to providing top-notch fishing experiences.

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