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  • Filleting Mangrove Snapper William Toney

    Filleting Mangrove Snapper with William Toney

    Every fisherman should know how to fillet mangrove snapper if they spend anytime fishing inshore waters for this lovely little fish. When it comes to the top inshore fish to eat, the mangrove snapper is right there. You don\'t fillet every fish the same way, so knowing a variety of techniques will server you well. On the skillet, grill or in the oven, grovers are the tastiest fish swimming inshore. To remove nice slabs of meat from these guys requires a good knife and a steady hand. Knowing where to start of run your precision cuts is a skill to possess. Captain William Toney, of Homosassa Inshore Fishing, is a wizard with the blade. He will walk you thought sharpening your knife edge with a wet stone. Then take you step by step through how to fillet mangrove snapper. This is short and simple. Learn from the best, eat the best, walk away feeling great.

  • Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

    How to Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

    If it is learning the skill of filleting redfish and sea trout you are after, there are few better to learn from than Captain William Toney. William is a lifelong and multi-generational fisherman from Homosassa, Florida. He has been feeding his family and providing cleaned fish to his clients for decades. Williams skill with a knife shines through in this tutorial on how to fillet redfish and sea trout. Nothing good comes without lots of work. He has certainly put in the work to be an excellent fisherman and teacher of the skills he has acquired. If you are out to catch fish to eat, you should know how to clean them very well. This way you get the best fillets and leave nothing on the bone. Each fish has a somewhat different anatomy and the ways you clean or fillet each will vary. William is here to show you where and how to cut, so you can do it on your own or a smidge better. In this short video, you will learn how to use a wet stone to sharpen your knife and how to fillet a redfish and how to fillet a sea trout. Both of these fish make great table fare. Watch and learn from a great fisherman.

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