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Bait Rigging

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    Cutting Strip Baits

    Cutting Strip Baits

    Strip baits are lethal simplicity in the water. There may be no other saltwater fishing bait that is more versatile. You can make them from dolphin, mackerel, skipjack, tuna or bonito. Bonito seem to be the best. This may be because you can catch bonito easily. Just head out to where bonito are commonly caught and drop a jig over to the bottom. Start cranking fast and bam you have one on. Now it is time to start cutting. This In The Spread fishing video will take you step by step through every detail of how to cut strip baits. Learn about the tools and other ingredients you need. We will show you which part of the bonito makes the best strips. See how to shave the meat down for ideal thickness and then shape your strips for optimal performance. Learn about the grain of the meat and how this has to be taken into consideration when shaping your strips. With this fishing video, you will be well on your way to cutting strip baits by yourself. There will be no need to buy anymore strips. Get the satisfaction of catching fish on baits you cut yourself. These baits offer so many options. You can troll them, skip them on the surface, drop them down in the water column with a planer or a down rigger. They are deadly for dolphin, mackerel, tuna, wahoo and billfish. Learn how to cut strip baits now.

  • Rigging Strip Baits

    Rigging Strip Baits for Saltwater Fishing

    Strip baits may be the most useful saltwater fishing bait in the world. They are not fancy. They are simple to make, not requiring anything close to advanced bait rigging skills. They have natural scent and texture. You can use bonito, skipjack, dolphin, mackerel, squid and even mullet to cut strips. Strips work for dolphin, wahoo, mackerel, billfish, tuna and more. Even artificial strips work, if rigged and presented properly. Learn how to rig strip baits with this In The Spread fishing video. Master baiter RJ Boyle will explain just about everything you need to know about rigging strips. He will show you the rigging tools and tackle you need. Learn how to rig strips with single hooks and double hooks using wire, mono and an assortment of skirts. You will see how a variety of different strips can be used with just a simple hook rig, with skirts and with lures. This bait rigging video will give you the knowledge and the skills required to load your bait box with strips. Take your bait rigging to the next level by learning from a top pro. Go with knowledge and catch more fish. Fish smarter today!