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  • Tarpon Fishing Florida's Gulf Coast

    Tarpon Fishing Florida's Gulf Coast

    The tarpon fishing the migration on the Gulf Coast of Florida presets some serious opportunities to target giant fish. Sight casting to big tarpon is one of the more epic ways to fish for this prehistoric game fish. First, you have to find the fish. We will show you how to do this. The real challenge is in getting the tarpon fish to eat. The placement of your bait is key. You will learn where to cast your bait and how to allow for it to have a natural swimming motion in the water. Tarpon will not touch a bait that is not moving naturally. Let us teach you how to fish for tarpon that are migrating down the coast with regular success. See what baits are super productive and how to hook them. If you go with the wrong bait, you might as well stay home. We will show you everything you need to know about tarpon baits. What you will also learn is how to drive and position your boat so as not to spook the school and lose any chance of getting hooked up. I don't know how many times I have watched boats drive right up to or even through the school. There is not better way to shut down the fish than to drive too close to the fish. We are talking about fishing for damn big fish. These are giant tarpon that will test every bit of your angling skill. Just now that big fish require big fish tactics. Our In The Spread instructor is going to show you specific angling techniques to get the upper hand on these fish quickly, so you can keep the fight as short as possible. If you want to learn how to fish for tarpon migrating down the west coast of Florida, this is the video for you. We cover all the bases, so you will have far greater results on the water.

  • Tarpon Fishing

    Tarpon Fishing - Bahia Honda

    If you are interested in fishing Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys for tarpon fish, this In The Spread fishing video breaks down the tides to fish, tackle, tarpon bait, working the current, how to fish structure, boat driving and positioning, angling techniques and the mechanics of optimal bait presentation. Fishing the Florida Keys is synonymous with big tarpon. These fish get big, can be tricky and make for some serious angling. Learn the critical factors that can make you day more successful. Fishing bridge structure presents several obstacles. See how the fish use the bridge to their advantage and how you can play that to yours. Get to know must have baits and how to present them. Gain deep insight into water color and how this is a big driver in tarpon behavior. There is a load of fishing tips and angling techniques in this In The Spread fishing video, so settle in for some real learning. We will spend a lot of time on the water walking you through several baiting and hook up scenarios and then explain everything that is going on while hooked up. This is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their tarpon fishing.

  • Tarpon Fishing at Night

    Nighttime Tarpon Fishing South Florida

    Big tarpon fishing present enough challenges in the daytime. Targeting tarpon fish at night is both a thrill and real test of your angling skills. You have to know which way the fish are moving, how far off the beach they are, how to work the current to your advantage, drift trolling, which baits work well, fishing tips for using electronics and tackle. We are going to show you how to fish Miami Beach for giant tarpon. Learn how to get on fish and stay on fish until your arms are worn out. If you are interested in learning high level tarpon fishing techniques, this In The Spread fishing video is for you. Fishing for tarpon at night doe not have to be difficult. We break down everything you need to know to catch all the fish you want. Go with knowledge and catch more.