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    Trolling Swimming Plugs

    When you are fishing the close in shallow waters around reef systems or even deep water with man made structure, like oil platforms, trolling swimming plugs is a great way to quickly catch wahoo and yellowfin tuna. In this fishing video, you will learn valuable fishing tips and techniques for trolling plugs along a reef edge. The reef provides food and shelter to loads of baitfish and where there is ample bait, you will have predators. For the location we were fishing, the options range from yellowfin tuna to wahoo, big Spanish mackerel and dogtooth tuna. With toothy critters at play, you need to rig right to get tight. Bite sections made out of wire are key. A big factor of influence for us was how to setup trolling spreads when there are lots of sharks in the same waters. You may not have this problem, but it seem to be ever present around the world. You need to deploy swimming plugs close in and be ready with stout fishing tackle to finish the battle in short order. Boat driving can also help in this process, also. We will explain all the details of how far back to run lures and the type of fishing rods and fishing reels used that can handle heavier drag. You will see how to do a hay wire twist by hand and how to rig lures with wire. If you are not up for tying your own haywire twist, we give you another option that is quick and easy. Just remember, you need this wire and it will not scare the fish off, since you are trolling ducking and darting swimming plugs. Since you are targeting toothy fish, your lures will get chewed up. Learn how to fine tune trolling lures by removing the damaged areas. If the trolling plugs do not track correctly of give off the right vibration, it may cost you. See how to do it. Aside from the body damage, lure bibs break or need replacement to achieve deeper swimming. We will walk you through how to change lure bibs. It is all very straight forward. This trolling swimming plugs fishing video gets right to it. Learn about the trolling setup, trolling plugs and how to fine tune them, how to rig lures with wire leaders, the tackle and all the knots and connections you need for successful fishing. Always try to learn from the best, use the best tackle and you will catch the big fish.