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  • Baits and Lures for Cobia Fishing

    Basic Cobia Fishing Baits and Lures

    Learn how to catch cobia with this In The Spread fishing video. Lifelong south Florida fisherman Capt. Brian Sanders will share his knowledge and experience on what he considers the best cobia fishing baits and lures. He will also discuss fishing tips on how to setup on a wreck and helpful tactics for getting cobia fish away from the wreck or structure, to prevent the fish from getting you snagged on structure. Cobia fishing around wrecks, bottom structure and pilings requires a keen eye to spot the fish when they pop up to the surface. This is sight fishing. Typically, cobia are a curious fish, so they will investigate most baits and lures thrown in their vicinity. Knowing a few of the baits and lures that are really productive for cobia will help you catch more fish.