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Red Snapper

  • Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper

    Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper

    When you start your day bottom fishing, you can never be for sure what may be waiting for your bait down below. It could be red snapper or it could be grouper or some other species. The one thing to do is drop baits and see what eats. The fish you reel up will tell you a lot about what\'s around. Snapper tend to hang with other snapper and grouper tend to hang with other grouper. Now, it is certainly possible to catch both on the same spot, but you have a good chance of catching multiples of a species once the bite starts. The tactics for bottom fishing red snapper closely parallel those for grouper. If you want to know more about setting up drifts and drift management, check out our Bottom Fishing Grouper video. We go into much greater detail in that fishing video. The processes are the same for both fish. Structure is the common denominator when bottom fishing for either red snapper or grouper. Once you find good hard bottom, rest assured that these two species will be close by. If you are using your bottom machine to mark hard bottom, don\'t worry if you find it and there are no fish marking. They are there. The best thing to do is drop baits and see if you get bitten. More than likely you will. This In The Spread Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper video gives you a quick run down of rigs, baits, fishing tactics, drag management and fish preservation.