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Sea Trout

  • Winter Sea Trout Fishing

    Winter Sea Trout on Florida's Gulf Coasst

    Winter time with colder water temperatures can present several challenges for fishermen looking to stuff a few sea trout. Fish with many times move offshore for the refuge of deeper water. Despite this, there will still be fish milling around looking for food and the comfort of rocks warmed by the sun. You need to know your tides and good areas with sandbars or rocky structure that are exposed at low tide. Sea trout will move in with the inflow of water and warm themselves on the rocks. You have to take your time and move with the tide, so you can get into the areas holding fish. Captain William Toney is an excellent inshore fishing guide with vast knowledge on speckled trout behavior. He will share tactics and tackle he uses in the cold months to bag a nice cooler of sea trout for the grill or the pan. There is nothing left out. This In The Spread sea trout fishing video is a great tool for learning how to use the movement of water to your advantage and what presentations to make for a limit of sea trout during winter. Watch and learn from one of the best.

  • Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Tampa Bay

    Speckled Sea Trout Fishing - Tampa Bay

    Florida inshore fishing professionals Ray Markham and William Toney team up to dissect sea trout fishing in Tampa Bay for you, in this In The Spread instructional video. With multiple decades of experience fishing Florida's west coast, both Ray and William possess a unique understanding of coastal habitats and the predatory fish that thrive therein. Specializing in the use of light tackle and artificial lures, this duo has tons of knowledge to share and aren't afraid to give it away. Learn about the tackle, lures and tactics Ray and William prefer and how to locate and fish the more productive areas of Tampa Bay. Remember, success is all about how much knowledge you have. Learn from two of Florida's best with this sea trout fishing video.

  • Top 5 Sea Trout Lures

    Top 5 Sea Trout Lures - William Toney

    The In The Spread Top 5 Seatrout Baits and Lures video features Captain William Toney sharing the baits and lures that produce fish throughout the seatrout season. Capt. Toney has spent his life targeting seatrout and is really dialed in to what works and what does not. With this video, he is opening his playbook, so you do not have to waste time and money figuring out what lures produce fish.

  • Speckled Trout in the Summer

    Speckled Trout in the Summer

    Join Capt. William Toney on another learning adventure with In The Spread Summer Sea Trout Fishing, as he discusses the go to fish for many inshore anglers. Sea trout are considered the king of the inshore waters, as far as being sought after, caught and eaten. Trout are a very good eating fish. There are many different ways to catch sea trout. So, follow Florida Capt. William Toney to learn tactics and techniques for targeting sea trout. This video will cover when to target trout, what conditions are optimal, methods for slow drifting the flats or shallow waters, how to catch sea trout using a popping cork rig with various jigs and a heck of a lot more.

  • Spring Sea Trout

    Spring Sea Trout Fishing

    In this In The Spread video, Capt. William Toney, a third generation fishing guide, from Homosassa, Florida shares a deep knowledge of inshore fishing to help you catch that “holy grail” sea trout you have always dreamed about. Learn the tips, tactics and techniques you need to catch big late winter, early spring sea trout. What are the best conditions for sea trout fishing? What lures really produce fish? Where do you find sea trout and what is the most productive way to fish those spots? It is all here in this In The Spread fishing video.