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  • Offshore Fishing with Black Bart Lures

    Black Bart International is known the world over for making some outstanding big game fishing lures. Owner, Jack Tullius has spent his life on boats fishing for big marlin, tuna and wahoo. His knowledge about tackle and rigs is second to none. His company rigs and sells more lures than anyone in the world. What you get with this In The Spread fishing video is Jack discussing trolling lures, hooks and rigging techniques for a variety of lures. This is pure gold. You will learn which Black Bart lures work best in each position in the spread, how to make hook sets, which cable he prefers, how to select skirts for specific lures and then how to rig marlin lures. Jack goes into great detail as he walks you through rigging marlin lures. What he has to share on hook choices for different lures is mind blowing. There is a ton to learn in this presentation. Learn from the best and fish smarter.

  • Best Yellowfin Tuna Surface Lures

    Top 5 Yellowfin Tuna Surface Lures - Gulf of Mexico

    Venice, Louisiana is the yellowfin tuna fishing capital of North America. For the fishermen there that target tuna year in and year out, their knowledge runs deep. The sheer volume of good fishing allows for lots of experimentation when it comes to the use of artificial baits for yellowfin tuna fishing. This In The Spread fishing video is serving up loads of insight on what surface lures produce fish. Capt. Josh Howard is one of the best captains in Venice. He is here to share his experience and opinions on top poppers and swimbaits for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Learn about how he selects tuna lures based on the prevailing baitfish the tuna are feeding on and the action he likes from each. If you have these lures in your tackle box, you will be well suited to chuck lures at the school with confidence.