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  • How to Fish for Trout with Chad Bryson

    How to Fish for Trout with Chad Bryson

    Chad Bryson has been trout fishing his entire life. He has traveled the world is pursuit of big trout, as both and angler and a guide. His keen understanding of where trout live in a river system and how to target them, makes his presentation all the more valuable to you. This does not have to be all that complicated, even though some make it out to be. Chad opens up the play book to show you how to fish for trout in a river. This is trout basics, so it you are new to trout fishing or looking for a little more insight, this is the trout fishing video for you. Don\'t let the basic aspect fool you. There is a lot of deep knowledge and experienced loaded into this video. Learn how to read the river and know what areas make for great trout habitat. Understand the difference between slots, pockets, deep pools, runs, seams and tongues. It will all make sense after watching this trout fishing video. Once you know how to break down the water, Chad will demonstrate how and where to present your trout flies, how to drift the fly though a run and other fishing tips. Chad Bryson goes into great detail about seasons, water color and temperature, so you will know how to deal with less than ideal conditions. Get great intel on fly rods and reels, what flies you need, leaders and tippet. Aside from a great deal of intel on how to read water and pinpoint areas that should hold trout, you will learn a lot about the mechanics of fly fishing for trout. You will gain the confidence you need to succeed on the river by watching Chad Bryson show you everything you need to know about how to fish for trout. Go with knowledge and fish smarter.