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  • Vertical Speed Jigging Basics

    Vertical Speed Jigging Basics

    Vertical jigging is one of the most effective fishing techniques you can use when fishing deeper water structure. Wrecks, reefs and oil platforms hold all sorts of desirable gamefish. From amberjack, grouper, snapper, tuna, dolphin and billfish, you never know what will take your jig. Both high speed jigging and slow-pitch jigging are lethal. High speed jigging mimics a fleeing baitfish, one that got lost from the school or is running to cover. This In The Spread fishing video features Captain Chad Raney, as he goes over the basics of speed jigging. He will cover the rods, reels, rigs and jigs that he uses to haul in some down right sizeable fish. Chad uses a simple approach to all of his fishing and has huge success doing it. The smooth demeanor he brings to sharing his fishing knowledge makes learning very easy. He tries very hard to not complicate things and this will pay dividends for you, as you traverse the road to gaining more fishing knowledge. Level up your skill set with this vertical speed jigging fishing video. We can all learn more and having an fisherman like Chad Raney sharing his experience is a benefit.

  • Slow Pitch Jigging

    Slow Pitch Jigging - Grouper Fishing

    Slow pitch jigging for grouper is a super productive fishing technique for targeting fish where they are and not just on the bottom. At times fish will feed just off the bottom or even higher in the water column, depending on where the bait is situated. The real difference between slow pitch jigging and speed jigging is the ability to keep your jigs at a specific depth while working them. The fluttering motion that you can sustain within a given band of the water column mimics that of a wounded bait fish, whereas speed jigging mimics that of a fleeing fish. You can take advantage of feeding triggers versus trying to elicit a reaction strike when cranking a jig back to the surface. Learn more about the jigging technique, fighting technique, the rods, reels and jigs used for slow pitch jigging grouper and snapper with this In The Spread fishing video.

  • Soft Plastic Jigging Techniques for Reef Fishing

    Reef Fishing - Jigging Soft Plastics

    Certain soft plastics rigged on the right jig head can create an irresistible presentation for big predatory reef fish. By mimicking a wounded bait fish that swims up from the bottom before sinking back down, bigger fish cannot help but slam your lure. Knowing the right lures and sound jigging techniques go a long way to helping you catch more fish. Learning from fishermen that excel at reef fishing in different parts of the world is a great way to improve your own fishing. Even though the guys we filmed this fishing video with may not fish the same waters you do, they still have a lot of knowledge to offer you. Reefs provide some of the best fishing in every ocean. Leave yourself open to learn from other great anglers that do this type of fishing at the highest level. Chris Rushford, of Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, shared with In The Spread his jig fishing techniques, the tackle he uses and the soft plastic lures that put a wide variety of reef fish in the boat. Having the right jig fishing technique is key to getting bitten. You need to have your lure at the right depth and work it there. If you aren\'t in the zone, you are not catching fish. Chris will show you how he drops for a natural action and then maintains contact with his lure while working it. Big predatory reef fish cannot resist soft plastics presented this way. See how to do it. Chris will present a range of soft plastics that he likes, the jig heads that are ideal to get down to the bottom and how to rig jigs for optimal swimming action. If you do not rig the right way, your jig will spin and never get hit. Learn how he does it. Jigging with soft plastics on the reef is a great way to get slammed by any number of big fish. You need to use to right kind of jig heads, jigging rod, spinning reel, line, leader and knots to handle these fish. It is all in this fishing video.