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Smallmouth Bass

  • Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

    Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

    Join In The Spread and ITS Freshwater as we break down fundamentals of streamer fishing smallmouth bass in a tail water. In this video, you will see how to systematically break down the river based on ideal target zones. These are the areas you want to focus your fishing activity on. As we drift and fish, we will discuss where to start in the river and why, presentation practices, water generation related to fish activity, gear and more. Let ITS Freshwater share this fishing knowledge with you.

  • River Bass Fishing Gear Basics

    Shoal Bass Fishing Gear Basics

    River System Bass Fishing Gear Basics features Chad Bryson going In The Spread to show you how simple gear selection for bass fishing in rivers can be, with a few suggestions. Smallmouth and shoal bass are outstanding game fish that eat both flies and lures. There is really no need to complicate things, when it comes to the gear you need. Fishing for smallies and shoalies is really accessible for most folks. See what Chad\'s go to flies, fly line and lures are for bass. Understand why he selects the rods and reels he uses. Simplify your river bass fishing life with In The Spread and Capt. Chad Bryson.

  • Jigging Smallmouth Bass

    Jigging Smallmouth Bass

    Join Scott Lewis on his In The Spread adventure and learn some of his lethal jigging tactics for smallmouth bass in tail waters. Scott is a ninja! He is both quiet and deadly on the water. As an educated biologist, Scott brings a deep understanding of aquatic ecosystems to bear when targeting smallmouth bass. He is keen to share his knowledge and teach others the skills he has acquired. As a resident guide in Northeast Tennessee, Scott plies rivers, lakes and streams using both fly fishing or conventional methods for smallies, musky, brown trout, rainbow trout, stripers and more. He routinely fishes the southern Appalachian tri-state region of Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.