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Giant Trevally

  • Giant Trevally Australia

    Giant Trevally Fishing Rowley Shoals

    When the reef donkey that is the giant trevally rolls up on your popper or stick bait, you better be prepared to do some serious angling. They are no joke. Big spinning tackle with man sized portions of drag is a must. If you want to know more about GT fishing the reefs off of western Australia or are keenly interested in learning how a couple of outstanding giant trevally fishermen achieve so much success, this In The Spread fishing video has all the info you need to catch more GT's. Learn how to catch giant trevally on reef edges now. Ross Newton and Chris Rushford, of Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures fame, will show you how they target these reef bully's in this fishing video. The reef they fish here is on the outer edge of the Rowley Shoals atolls. The waters surrounding the atolls are pristine giant trevally fishing grounds. This experience is unlike any fishing I have experienced. Sitting on top of a double overhead swell casting big poppers and stick baits as far as you can muster into the white wash of the waves is insane in such a beautiful way. There are big fish patrolling the edge. See how these guys catch them. Water safety is paramount with these guys. There is no margin for error. They preach it and are not afraid to show you how they operate out on the reef edge. You will learn what they are looking for when they pitch their presentations out. Always, always be ready. See how they work their presentations and the skill required to muscles the big ass GT's to the boat. Chris Rushford is dialed in on giant trevally fishing. He makes such an excellent instructor with the ease of his explanations. Chris really understands what the GT's are doing on the edge and how to best target them. You can learn so much from listening to his GT fishing tips. He will also break down all the tackle, the types of GT fishing lures he prefers and how he rigs them up for battle with these reef donkey's.

  • Reef Fishing for Giant Trevally

    Reef Fishing for Giant Trevally

    With this In The Spread fishing video you will see techniques for casting lures to a reef edge from a big boat. Boat positioning is critical. You need to get close to put your lures in the zone, but not so close that you get in trouble with the reef. It is critical that you get your lures into the surf. See how. Learn how to dissect a reef system to pinpoint the best areas to focus your casting efforts on. Just know that casting a long way accurately is to goal. You have to enter the lion den. Chris Rushford, from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures in Western Australia, is going to break down the fundamentals of fishing from a bigger boat. The principles he shares also apply to a smaller boat. Smaller boats just give you more access. He will show you his casting technique and where you want to land your lures to hook up with GT\'s or giant trevally. Once you are in there, how you work you retrieve plays a big part in triggering bites. GT\'s are reef bully\'s. They patrol the reef edge pushing bait up against the edge and smashing it with intensity. This species are bruisers. You tackle better be up to the task, as you apply man sized portions of drag. Chris Rushford is sharing all his tackle, the line, connections and lures. See what you likes to cast and how he tunes it up to handle the beating.