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  • Switch Baiting Sailfish Fishing

    Switch Baiting Sailfish

    The guys in the Indian Ocean off Western Australia take a different approach to switch baiting sailfish in shallow water around reef edges. They have some interesting fishing techniques to share with you. Sailfish are one those pelagic species that bait and switch fishing techniques work really well on. How you set up your spread and the mechanics of switch baiting may differ around the world. What is cool is learning how top tournament teams target sailfish do things differently. This sailfish fishing video features one of the more renowned operations in Western Australia sharing how to catch sailfish using their techniques. They have some nifty tactics to share with you. Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures is skippered by Ross Newton who has one many of the sailfish tournaments off the west coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean year after year. His setup is a little different than what many of the top teams in the Central America and the Atlantic run, but you cannot argue with his success. This sailfish video details edge trolling using the bait and switch technique. By all accounts you could label this shallow water trolling. The place we are fishing is a series of shelf atolls in the eastern Indian Ocean. There is extremely deep water that comes up very quickly on the edge of the atoll and sailfish can be targeted in 30 feet of water out to 300. Since there are several other pelagics and toothy critters patrolling the same waters, crafty techniques are employed to weed out the unwanted species. These guys have some great fishing knowledge to share. They are not pulling multiple dredges and squid chains. Their spread is a lot more simplified, yet very efficient. There is a daisy chain made up of birds, squids and a belly bait that run straight off each corner. Down the center in the shotgun position is a belly bait that is controlled with a rod and reel. This is super clean and can quickly be retrieved to switch the sailfish off onto the bait. The baits they use are garfish or ballyhoo rigged with circle hooks and compact skirts. The hooks are sewn onto the nose of the baits. You will get a full step by step presentation on how to rig ballyhoo this way, as well as how to rig belly baits for use in the teasers. This is a rather lengthy and detailed portion of the fishing video, so that you can learn how exactly they rig baits. From the trolling speed, to the teasers, spread setup, baits, tackle and angling techniques, you will learn the unique bait and switch fishing techniques used in western Australia. It is always cool to see how others achieve success. Learn something new from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures about sailfish fishing.