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  • Tilefish Bottom Fishing Techniques

    Tilefish - Bottom Fishing Techniques

    Catching tilefish is one of those things where once you know the basics, it just gets easier. That's not to say you are going to catch tilefish every outing, but your chances certainly increase. This is bottom fishing at it easiest. I say that because tilefish live in burrows dug into the thick muddy bottom. With virtually zero chance of getting your tilefishing rig stuck in the mud, you can remove concern of getting snagged. Your biggest challenge will be contending with the current and keeping bait on your hooks. Let's not joke around, bottom fishing is challenging. You can make it a lot less of a challenge if you have a good handle on the basic mechanics of dropping heavily weighted bait rigs hundreds of feet to the ocean bottom. A great way to level up your bottom fishing skillset is to learn from experts. This In The Spread fishing video features Captain Chad Raney, owner of the sport fishing vessel Old Hat. Chad has been fishing the waters off of South Florida for many years. He is arguably one the most successful fishermen in the area. His ability to make everything seem so simple is due to the fact that he has distilled his approach to fishing down to the most basic fundamentals. There is no reason to complicate yourself and what he teaches in this tilefish fishing video is just that. How do you find tilefish, how do you fish them, what fishing tackle do you need, what baits work best and what goes into dropping baits six hundred or more feet to the bottom and drifting them along until you get a bite? Chad will explain all of this, show you his rods, reels, rigs and discuss how to either manage or create current to give your baits a little action on the bottom. If you are not all that familiar with the golden tilefish, it is one of the most unique in appearance and delectable in taste. The meat of a tilefish is combination of grouper and lobster. It is dense, flaky and white. The flavor is sweet, being one of the finest eating fish in the sea. Since tilefish live in a very defined area, your first task will be to locate the muddy bottom that runs just offshore. Some fishermen know the depth to operate in and just go there, while others who know still use their bottom machine to pinpoint good bottom.

  • Bottom Fishing for Tilefish

    Bottom Fishing for Golden Tilefish

    Bottom fishing or deep dropping is not difficult. It just requires a little specific knowledge about sending baits down to fish on the ocean floor. Golden tilefish are one of the more desirable species, given the quality of their meat. This In The Spread fishing video is going to show you how to catch tilefish in the waters off south Florida. You will learn how to locate ideal bottom mud in 600-800 feet of water where tilefish live. We will show you the baits that work, how to rig baits, how to make bottom fishing rigs and how to drift baits. You will also learn about recognizing bites and how to trigger additional bites. Learn this simple yet lethal method for bottom fishing. Go with knowledge and fish smarter.