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  • Bottom Fishing for Grouper

    Bottom Fishing for Grouper

    Bottom fishing for grouper is all about being over the right type of sea floor structure. Off the west coast of Florida lie some of the most productive bottom fishing grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. For the fishing we cover in this In The Spread fishing video, we will be in 150-200 feet of water. We will be dropping from our boat as we use the current to drift across targeted structure. This structure is made up of a combination of natural reefs and wrecks. The reef consist of a series of both high and low relief limestone ledges and pinnacles. Kevin Adney, our featured instructor for this video, has fine tuned his bottom fishing program over many years. He has a very simple approach to bottom fishing for grouper and snapper. The most technical part of this type of fishing is drift management. Kevin will share his knowledge and experience on all aspects of his style of fishing, so you can go out and have the same level of success as he enjoys. The beauty of bottom fishing is that you never know for sure what may take your bait. You could very well hook Vermillion Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Red Snapper, Gag Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Red Grouper, Amberjack, Kingfish, Cobia or sharks. While we set out to target red snapper, we quickly found ourselves on a really good grouper bite. Once you have a clear understanding of what\'s biting, you can then dial in your offerings. So, this video primarily covers bottom fishing for grouper.

  • Gag Grouper Fishing with Dan Clymer

    Gag Grouper Fishing with Dan Clymer

    Grouper fishing in shallow water presents several viable options to catch your limit of fish. This fishing video is going to break down how to catch grouper casting plugs, trolling and using bottom fishing techniques. All three options work well, if you know what you are doing. Captain Dan Clymer is a grouper fishing expert. He has been fishing Florida's gulf coast his entire life. His skills are extraordinaire. The first thing Dan will explain is how to locate areas that hold grouper. Each of the fishing techniques are used in different areas. Learn the differences and how to capitalize on each. Dan will also share fishing tips on specifically how to target gag grouper. Learn about the baits he uses for bottom fishing, his bottom fishing rig and the tackle he recommends. Watch as he takes you through several trolling passes, explaining how you can manipulate your trolling lures to trigger more bites. What may be the best part of the video is the section on casting plugs. Dan will share his thought process for selecting areas to fish and demonstrate a few angling techniques that will help you get more solid hook ups. For anyone interested in grouper fishing, Captain Dan Clymer is one of the best to learn from. His depth of knowledge is on full display in this fishing video. He holds nothing back in trying help you catch fish. Watch and learn from a true professional.