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Dredge Fishing

  • Dredge Fishing for Sailfish

    Dredges and Teasers for Sailfish with Squidnation

    Fishing with dredges is the gold standard for teams that are winning billfish tournaments around the world. You really should know as much as you can about this type of offshore fishing for sailfish and marlin, if you are interested in billfishing. One of the fishing industry leaders in the development of dredges and dredge teasers is Squidnation. Bill Pino, owner of Squidnation, is at the tip of the spear when it comes to innovation and product development. He is also an excellent angler. If there is one guy that you would want to learn from about dredge fishing, it is Bill. This In The Spread fishing video features Bill discussing dredges and teasers for sailfish. There is always more to learn. You learning should never end. Go with knowledge and fish smarter.

  • Dredge Fishing for Billfish

    Dredge Fishing for Billfish

    Dredge fishing is the standard among elite tournament sailfish and marlin teams around the world. If you are not running dredges, you are out of the competition. Squid teasers, mudflaps, rigged ballyhoo, rigged mullet or a variety of other baits are used with dredges. This is just a great way to attract billfish to your spread. LEARN why this fishing technique is so lethal and how to incorporate it into your offshore fishing. You will see the components that you need to run dredges, how to rig them with deab baits or teasers. Knowing where to position your dredge us key. Find out now. Get precise explanations on how to fish your baits, how to operate the dredge, when to reel it in and how to fight billfish with dredges in the water. This is a super in-depth fishing video with loads of fishing tips for offshore fishing. It is always best to learn from really accomplished fishermen, so you hit the water with the best intel. Fish smarter and catch more.