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Triple Tail

  • How to Make FADs for Triple Tail Fish

    How to Make FADs for Triple Tail Fish

    Triple tail fish are one of the finest eating fish in the sea and one of the more elusive. Couple that with the amount of saltwater fishing pressure they receive when they show up, trying to stack a few in your cooler becomes a real challenge. There is a solution. Make you own FADs and attract triple tail fish to your own private fishing spot. Triple tail fish or blackfish are very structure oriented. That is why you always find them around channel markets, pilings, crab trap lines and buoys. So, if you can make your own FADs and place them adjacent to other known tripletail holding areas, you can attract your own fish. This makes fishing so mush easier. Capt. William Toney will show you how to make FADs for triple tail fish with readily available rope, blocks, crab buoys and biodegradable ingredients. This is easy and works well. At the end of the migration, you just pull the blocks up, so as not to leave anything in the ocean.