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Peacock Bass

  • Urban Fishing Florida Peacock Bass with Justin Nguyen

    Florida Peacock Bass Fishing - Justin Nguyen

    If you know where to look in South Florida, you can find incredible sport fishing without ever leaving land. The freshwater fishing options in the swamps, canals and small lakes that are everywhere, if you look, are loaded with really nice gamefish. King of the Florida urban fishing scene is the peacock bass. The best part is driving right up to spots and casting to fish steps from your car. Yeah, but there is a lot of shitty water you say. How to discern between what to fish and what to drive past is the what you want to know. Don\'t let some of that murky debris filled water fool you. There are beasts lurking. When you pair a 5 weight fly rod with the peacock bass roaming the waters, it is game on. Don\'t let the fly fishing aspect of this peacock bass fishing video turn you away. The practical analysis of why fish hold in certain places and how to target them work for both flies, lures and certainly bait. Justin Nguyen runs a lot of trips right out of his truck. Load the rods and drive from spot to spot nailing nice peas. With this In The Spread Florida peacock bass fishing video, Justin is going to show you what types of structure routinely hold fish. If you can distill down a number of nice spots, there is no reason why you can\'t go out on any given day and land a couple of nice peacock bass. See what Justin Nguyen has to share. Hear his explanations and add his fishing knowledge to you tackle box. Fish smarter. He will break down his tackle, which flies he gets more fish on and his casting techniques for optimal fly placement. Learning for fishermen that find success wherever they go is the best. Fishing for peacock bass in the urban jungle of south Florida on fly makes for a great pursuit. Good luck. If you want to fish with Justin, here is his contact info: 954-681-CAST and