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  • Saltwater Fishing Kayaks

    Saltwater Fishing Kayaks

    If you are looking for a little insight from a kayak fishing pro about what kayaks work well for various types of fishing and how they can be outfitted, this In The Spread fishing video is for you. David Posey, of Kayak Fishing Destin, has been guiding anglers on saltwater fishing expeditions for years. He also spent quite a few years selling top line kayaks. He knows what works and what doesn't. For a lot of anglers, a boat is not an option, but they still want to get out on the water. A kayak is an easy option. Whether your interest is inshore fishing or offshore fishing, David has recommendations for you. He shows you a variety of hull designs, pedal systems, paddles that fit a whole host of budgets. If you are just getting into kayak fishing, this fishing video gives you a heads up on gear and accessories for productive fishing.