Striper Fishing Dam Boils in Tennessee

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Instructor: Todd Asher

Striped bass fishing in Tennessee affords anglers several options to present baits and lures. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs are loaded with big fish. One of the coolest and dangerous striper fishing experiences is fishing the massive spillways. If you want to know how to catch striped bass below Melton Hill Dam, Todd Asher is the guy you want to learn from. He makes everything look so effortless. Learn how he safely motors up to the huge volume of water spilling out of the dam, deploys his baits and drifts back. Your safety is paramount, so pay close attention to the process. See the baits you prefers and what he does to prepare them and his striper fishing rigs. Learn about the gear he uses and his best fishing tips for getting your baits in the best spot. There is some outstanding fishing to be had, so learn from one of the very best and fish smarter.

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Tennessee is one of those states that has trophy fishing across the board. Striped bass, catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, muskie, crappie, carp, walleye, plus a lot of other species. What is it that contributes to this fantastic fishing? The TVA or Tennessee Valley Authority dammed up rivers across the state flooding the land and in turn creating deep water, ridiculous amounts of structure, channels, flats, current that otherwise would not be there and tons of forage food. When it comes to striper fish fishing, eastern Tennessee holds some of the absolute best freshwater striped bass fishing in the States. This is world class fishing. The records support that supposition. Within the wide range of striper fishing options are dam boils. This is both exciting and rather dangerous, if you are not on top of your game. If you aren't familiar with this, you have huge volumes of water pouring through the dam spitting out bait and churning up bait that is attracted to all the nutrients and oxygen rich water. What results is a boil. It is like the bottom of a water fall. The striped bass like to get right in the mix and feast on stunned bait fish. The idea is to motor up as close as you safely can to the spilling water and pitch a bait into the rough water. Once you cast your bait, the current will start pushing you down stream. You want your bait on the bottom where the stripers are hanging out. This is steady action, as long as the water is being released. When your drift is complete, you motor back up and start over. The action is fast and steady. You are going to learn every facet of how this process works in glorious detail. Capt. Todd Asher is one of the more respected guides in this area of Tennessee. He is the type of fisherman that is always catching big fish. He makes fishing for striped bass seem real easy. His subtle approach comes from years of fishing. Todd is not a guy that assumes he knows it all. His thirst for knowledge goes unquenched. We were stoked to have Todd join In The Spread to share his fishing tips on how to catch striped bass in the rough waters below this dam. Todd will tell you that this style of fishing right in the dam boils can be deadly. People die every year doing this, so don't take it on casually. You have to think about what you are doing and make safety your first priority. You do not want to be a statistic. Todd and I watched a guy get way too close. What you have to keep in mind is the volume of water pouring through the spills. This is creating a massive down welling and super powerful hydraulic. If you get too close your boat can get sucked into the spill. In a blink of an eye your boat is slammed to the bottom. This is not a game. With over 20 years of experience targeting giant stripers, Todd still believes he has more to learn. His mind is wide open and always looking to learn something new about the species. It is with this spirit that he shares his tactics and techniques for Tennessee striper fishing. Todd is humble, quiet in his operation, yet deadly precise in putting anglers on big fish. If you want to learn about the rods, reels, striper fishing rigs, striped bass bait that gets bites, how to keep your bait happy in the well, boat handling, angling and thought processes that Todd Asher brings to this fishery, this is the instructional fishing video for you. See how you can catch more and bigger striped bass today with In The Spread and Capt. Todd Asher. [Bass Fishing Videos]( [BUY DVD Here](

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