Fly Tying Patterns for Brown Trout Fishing

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Instructor: Chad Bryson

The Flaming Chicken from In The Spread fly fishing Captain Chad Bryson is the ideal fly to fish for those that may have a little trouble casting the bigger double hook Deceiver style flies. With this step-by-step video, you will learn all you need to know to tie this deadly fly yourself. This is an easy to cast fly that still maintains most of the profile of the double deceiver on the retrieve. When you want to change up your presentation a little, the Flaming Chicken is a great go to fly. Chad Bryson is meticulous in his explanations on how to select all the fly tying materials and how each is laid down. This is not that difficult, if you follow the instruction in this fishing video.

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For you fishermen that are not familiar with Chad Bryson, he has quietly fished all over the western hemisphere for every species of trout. He is pretty much fixated on fishing for big trophy trout, with his favorite being brown trout. With a lifetime of fishing experience, Chad brings a unique perspective to his fly tying. His experience catching big fish that allows him to understand what his flies need to look and perform like, in order to trigger those big fish into eating. Since he is often asked what he uses and how he catches so many big fish, he is going to share some of his knowledge by showing you how to tie trout flies for trophy trout. These fish are measured in pounds, not inches, and thus require a more specialized fly pattern. For this fly tying video, Chad is going to tie a marabou fly with a little rabbit strip. This is a nice fly with a lot of action without using too many complicated materials or processes. There are a few things with the articulation and how you get the marabou to stand up, creating a bigger profile, that you are going to want to pay close attention to. But, otherwise, this is a simple fly. Chad always takes the approach of tying good flies as quickly and simply as possible. Granted, he ties a lot of flies and has been for years, so what may be simple to him may appear difficult to you. If you listen and watch closely, you will see that this is not that difficult. He will show each and every tool he uses, from the ceramic bobbins, assorted threads, glue and scissors to the very important fly tying vise he prefers. Once all the fly tying materials are covered, we jump right into where you start with selecting the hook and laying down a thread base. From here, Chad details each component as he uses them and what his thinking is relative to selecting each strip of rabbit, feather, strand of chenille, mask and more. See how he lays each piece down, how he palmers the marabou and why all these steps work together to build a fly that swims well in the water and has long term durability. Each and every fly tying video Chad Bryson has put together with In The Spread is a deep journey into the world of trophy trout fishing. You don't just watch him whip a fly out with perfect precision. You get to learn about why these flies work, how big brown trout eat and behave, why using the right materials makes all the difference. You have to remember, the last thing between you and the huge trout is your fly. It needs to be right. Learn from the best and catch the biggest fish. Never stop learning. [BUY DVD Here](

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Capt. Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson ain't your ordinary fellow, no sir. He's a man of the river, a sage of the stream, a virtuoso of the vast aquatic wilderness. He's been a respected pillar of the fly fishing industry for more years than a catfish has whiskers, serving as an angler, guide, and even a consultant for product development. His prey of choice? The freshwater apex predators, those elusive brown trout and muskie, and he's been on their trail for decades.

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