Fly Tying Deer Hair for Trout Fishing

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Instructor: Chad Bryson

Capt. Chad Bryon dials up another trophy brown trout gem for In The Spead with “The Liberator”. Liberator - Pronunciation: lĭb´ẽr`ā`tẽr- One who, or that which, liberates; a deliverer. The combination of marabou with the deer hair head create an action that will deliver big brown trout to the net. Its easy to cast and a staple item in Capt. Chad Bryson\'s trophy fly box. This is a step by step presentation of how to tie a fly for big trout. This is streamer tying for fish that do not eat bugs. Chad Bryson is going to share keen insight on tying deer hair head flies for max fishability and durability. This is not a complicated process. You only need 5 materials. Watch every feather, bit of marabou and strand of chenille get selected. See every thread get laid down. This is up close and very specific.

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Capt. Chad Bryon shares his mastery of tying trophy brown trout streamers with you in this In The Spread fly tying video. This is all about deer hair and how to use deer hair to tie kick ass big streamers. Deer hair flies give great action in the water and that is why Chad ties them. It is certainly not because he likes to. It is a pain, makes a mess and it's hard. That is what you have to deal with to tie these. If you want to know how to tie a fly for big brown trout using deer hair, buckle in. This is not a complicated. There are only five materials that make this fly. Deer hair obviously, marabou, schlepped and polar chenille is all you need. You will good action in the water with this fly Chad calls the Liberator. Watch his step by step presentation. Chad starts by showing you the materials he likes and his color choices, types of deer hair and how to select the best, hook type and size and then how to lay down feather and thread. It is important to select materials that benefit the way the fly swims and not diminish performance. Learn about selecting feathers, how to prep the feathers and lay them down on the hook and choosing the right marabou. See what thread, bobbin, vise and other tools are used. This is very detailed and up close. Chad's flies are not that technical. They make appear difficult to tie, but they are not. Chad is a simple guy, so he makes his fly tying simple. He just wants his brown trout flies to work, swim right, catch fish and be durable. There is a lot go great info in this video. Watch and learn from a highly skilled trout fishing mind. [BUY DVD Here](

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Capt. Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson ain't your ordinary fellow, no sir. He's a man of the river, a sage of the stream, a virtuoso of the vast aquatic wilderness. He's been a respected pillar of the fly fishing industry for more years than a catfish has whiskers, serving as an angler, guide, and even a consultant for product development. His prey of choice? The freshwater apex predators, those elusive brown trout and muskie, and he's been on their trail for decades.

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