Brown Trout Fishing - Fly Tying with Chad Bryson

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Instructor: Chad Bryson

This was Capt. Chad Bryson\'s first articulated fly for big trout and he takes you step-by-step through the tying process in this In The Spread fishing video. It was designed out a necessity to produce bigger fish than other guides at the time. Chad was homeless (aka filthy) and begging a big trout to eat something. A lot has changed since then, but the Filthy Beggar still catches big trout consistently.

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This In The Spread fly tying video features Capt. Chad Bryson and the very first articulated fly he ever came up with in the pursuit of trophy brown trout. This fly is called the Filthy Beggar. The back story on this fly centers around a time in Chad's life when he was homeless, living out of his truck and guiding. He needed an advantage over the other guides, so he could put big trout in his boat for clients. The ned result was a terrific trout fly. Learn how to tie a fly for trophy brown trout with this video. If you are into big trout fly fishing, this is a great addition to you box. The Filthy Beggar is a tad smaller than many of the other trout flies you will see in Chad's other fly tying videos, but this is the fly that got him started on the path of trophy brown trout fishing. This is not a complicated process. There are a few simple fly tying materials and a few simple techniques. There are a few more components that a lot of Chad's other videos feature, but it is still very straight forward. You are going to be walked through the tying process and shown how to do every step on your own. We begin with all important fly tying materials you need. Learn about the streamer hooks that work best for this fly, the estaz, silly legs, fish skull sculpin helmet, rabbit strips, feathers, marabou and stainless cable used. You will also learn how to select the right feathers. This is key. The cool thing is that Chad is going to tie this the way he originally tied it, to keep things nostalgic. A good point to remember is that all of Chad Bryson's brown trout flies are pretty easy to tie. His tow abiding principles are that the fly must work and it must be durable. Watch and learn how an accessional fly fisherman ties this small articulated presentation. [BUY DVD Here](

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Capt. Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson ain't your ordinary fellow, no sir. He's a man of the river, a sage of the stream, a virtuoso of the vast aquatic wilderness. He's been a respected pillar of the fly fishing industry for more years than a catfish has whiskers, serving as an angler, guide, and even a consultant for product development. His prey of choice? The freshwater apex predators, those elusive brown trout and muskie, and he's been on their trail for decades.

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